The area

Stomio Beach, just a few meters far from our hotel, is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Messinian Gulf. This small scenic beach with gravel is ideal for grown-ups and children. It is fully organized, with umbrellas, sunbeds and a bar.

3 kilometers far from the beach, there is the town of Filiatra, and 10 kilometers far there is the town of Kyparissia.

Filiatra is the capital of the Municipality of the same name, one of the relatively newer but most beautiful towns of West Messinia. The population of the Municipality is 9.500 inhabitants. There are several stories about how the town got its name. The prevailing are that it was named like that by the Baron De Filiatrault, or by the many wells of the area – that is, by the evolution of the ancient Greek word “frear”, which evolved in “filiatron”, and “filiatra” in plural.

It is considered as one of the most important agricultural and commercial centers of Messinia. It is located in a fertile area, where olive trees, vegetables, vineyards, figs and citrus fruits are cultivated. The inhabitants’ main occupation is agriculture, while during the summer months the area attracts many visitors. In Filiatra town you will see the Messinian Eiffel Tower.

A few hundred meters far from Stomio, you can see the impressive Fairytale Castle. The castle seems to have “sprung” from past times, from the fairytale world with the castles where fairies and elves used to live.

The castle – along with the huge horse by its side, that, as another Trojan Horse, used to have a library in its inside – but also the enormous imposing figures of Athena and Poseidon, together with the heroes of the 1821 Revolution – was built to “remind to us all, by its sole appearance, the fairytales our grandmother used to sweetly tell us”.